I failed once again

So I failed once again about blogging and trying to make a product business. Back in May last year I wrote this post: Follow me on my Journey to start a WordPress Plugin Business

I believed in the idea, and in the product, I wanted to build afterwards, but then I got busy in my consulting business, and since that is what is bringing in 90% of our income at home it got first priority.

Slowly I forgot everything about this product, and I lost the passion for it. Most likely because the free product was not really solving a pain point in any of my own business. At the time we were looking at converting our webshop into a WooCommerce so that it would solve a pain point of our own. But later we decided that it was not worth all the time/money to convert it to WooCommerce, so we decided to stay at Shopify.

That decision was what ultimately what killed my passion for the free product, and because of that I never was able to finish it.

But just because this failed, does not mean that I’m not going to try again. I think this is the 5th time I have failed in creating a product business, but that does not mean I going to stop trying.

After 6 years as an entrepreneur, I know failure is a part of the game, but also that it is a long journey to start something new. I have never been good at the journey part. I always start to dream about the end game, the big buy out or the money flowing into the company.

So this is a part of myself I have to focus on, learning to love the journey building a new business, and I believe I’m getting better at it.

So soon you are going to hear about my new journey, where I’m making a product which is actually solving a pain point in on of my own business.

I found my niche

So I have decided what my niche is going to be, and I know it it is maybe not a niche yet, and a pretty broad word, but it is going to be within social proof, and will be a plugin for eCommerce sites to collect reviews and show those review on the site.

Slide Down Plugin

My first plugin which is going to be free is going to be a plugin which will help to create a nice slide down, like this one:

Taken from https://obsidian.dk/

I think it is so nice, and a great way for everybody who is selling something to show some social proof, like they are showing company logo’s, certificates, facebook stars and more.

So that is what I’m going to work on the next month so that I can get experience adding a plugin to the WordPress.org plugin repository, and hopefully start to learn how to hack the rankings there 😉

The reason for this free plugin is of cause also to start building a list of followers who I later can sell the next thing to.

Social Proof Plugin

In the meantime, I’m also going to start working on my larger plugin, which doesn’t yet have a name, but it will be everything social proof and here a just a brief overview of the features I have on my mind map:

  • Automated Review Emails
  • Display Reviews
    • Sliders
    • List
    • Single reviews
  • Generate media for Social Media
    • Images
    • Videos
  • NPM Score
  • Integration with every large WP E-Commerce plugin
  • Collection of everyday pictures/videos
  • Import reviews from 3rd party services

I know it is a big project, but also something I’m passionate about, and something I’m using myself. So I know this is something I can stick with, and something I easy can find subjects to write about.

Follow me on my Journey to start a WordPress Plugin Business

I did not follow Gary Vaynerchuk for a while, but recently I started to see a lot of his content again, and he is preaching how you should document your journey before you start to educate others.

I have tried a lot of time to start blogs and always failed to keep doing it, but now I’m ready again to give it a try. I feel I’m a bit late to the game this time since most media nowadays is videos, but for now, I will stay to the written and then maybe also do a video here and there.

Why a WordPress Plugin Business ?


For the past 5 years I have been making a living as a WordPress Developer selling my hours to various business as a freelancer, and while I do enjoy it, I have also always wanted to have a product I could sell instead of selling my hours.

I have seen how David Hehenberger (https://fatcatapps.com) and Peter Suhm (http://wppusher.com) has done so well in this area, and now I also want to give it a go.

The Challenge

Since I don’t have an audience I need to build that, and a great way to build an audience is if you can give something away for free. So my plan is going to be these steps

  1. Find out which plugin I’m going to build
  2. Build a free version
  3. Start marketing the free version to build an list/audience/users
  4. Build a paid version
  5. Make money

It all seams so simple, right? Well I don’t think so because right now I don’t even have a clue what my first (maybe only) plugin should be. So that is going to be my first task.

So I believe that over the next 3 months I’m going to find a plugin I can feel patianated about, then for the next 6 months after that I want to build an audience for the plugin and get it spread as much as possible, and then after that start to sell a paid version as well.

The challenge to myself is then:

  1. Make at least 2 blog post a month about the journey.
  2. Have generated at least 5.000 USD selling a plugin by 1th of May 2018

Follow me on the Journey

The best way to follow me would be on Twitter: @kprimdal