I failed once again

So I failed once again about blogging and trying to make a product business. Back in May last year I wrote this post: Follow me on my Journey to start a WordPress Plugin Business

I believed in the idea, and in the product, I wanted to build afterwards, but then I got busy in my consulting business, and since that is what is bringing in 90% of our income at home it got first priority.

Slowly I forgot everything about this product, and I lost the passion for it. Most likely because the free product was not really solving a pain point in any of my own business. At the time we were looking at converting our webshop into a WooCommerce so that it would solve a pain point of our own. But later we decided that it was not worth all the time/money to convert it to WooCommerce, so we decided to stay at Shopify.

That decision was what ultimately what killed my passion for the free product, and because of that I never was able to finish it.

But just because this failed, does not mean that I’m not going to try again. I think this is the 5th time I have failed in creating a product business, but that does not mean I going to stop trying.

After 6 years as an entrepreneur, I know failure is a part of the game, but also that it is a long journey to start something new. I have never been good at the journey part. I always start to dream about the end game, the big buy out or the money flowing into the company.

So this is a part of myself I have to focus on, learning to love the journey building a new business, and I believe I’m getting better at it.

So soon you are going to hear about my new journey, where I’m making a product which is actually solving a pain point in on of my own business.