I found my niche

So I have decided what my niche is going to be, and I know it it is maybe not a niche yet, and a pretty broad word, but it is going to be within social proof, and will be a plugin for eCommerce sites to collect reviews and show those review on the site.

Slide Down Plugin

My first plugin which is going to be free is going to be a plugin which will help to create a nice slide down, like this one:

Taken from https://obsidian.dk/

I think it is so nice, and a great way for everybody who is selling something to show some social proof, like they are showing company logo’s, certificates, facebook stars and more.

So that is what I’m going to work on the next month so that I can get experience adding a plugin to the WordPress.org plugin repository, and hopefully start to learn how to hack the rankings there 😉

The reason for this free plugin is of cause also to start building a list of followers who I later can sell the next thing to.

Social Proof Plugin

In the meantime, I’m also going to start working on my larger plugin, which doesn’t yet have a name, but it will be everything social proof and here a just a brief overview of the features I have on my mind map:

  • Automated Review Emails
  • Display Reviews
    • Sliders
    • List
    • Single reviews
  • Generate media for Social Media
    • Images
    • Videos
  • NPM Score
  • Integration with every large WP E-Commerce plugin
  • Collection of everyday pictures/videos
  • Import reviews from 3rd party services

I know it is a big project, but also something I’m passionate about, and something I’m using myself. So I know this is something I can stick with, and something I easy can find subjects to write about.